Some Good Reads on the Israeli Election

by Jim Lobe There’s been a lot of useful commentary on Tuesday’s election in Israel, including by Paul Pillar and Mitchell Plitnick on this site. I certainly agree with both analysts that Netanyahu’s victory represents a clarifying moment for those… Continue Reading

New York Times reports US to sit down with Tehran; White House issues partial denial

By Paul Mutter The New York Times reported this weekend that the Obama Administration has agreed in principle to hold direct bilateral negotiations with the Islamic Republic of Iran regarding its nuclear program. Both sides have reportedly agreed that the… Continue Reading

Major US Newspapers Criticize Obama’s Approach to Syrian Crisis

By Paul Mutter The New York Times reports that despite US reluctance to arm Islamist actors in Syria, that’s happening as the US does little to vet the actions of its partners Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Though the amount of… Continue Reading

NYT Public Editor questions paper’s drone coverage

By Paul Mutter In what is hopefully a wake-up call for US news media, the New York Time’s public editor, Margaret Sullivan, casts a critical eye on the vagueness of the information the paper provides on drone strikes: Some of… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for October 11th, 2010. The Washington Post:  In an editorial, WaPo’s Jackson Diehl writes the Obama administration’s foreign policy strategy is marked by public and highly choreographed “process” and timelines. On Iran, Diehl… Continue Reading