Most Cuban Americans Prefer Obama’s Cuba Policy to Rubio’s

by Jim Lobe According to a new survey released by the Bendixen & Amandi International polling firm on Thursday, Sens. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) are increasingly out of touch with the larger Cuban-American community with respect to… Continue Reading  

POLL: Iranian Public Opinion on Nukes, the U.S., Politics

by Jim Lobe  A major new poll of Iranian public opinion with important and fascinating results was released here and in Tehran Tuesday and deserves much more attention than it is likely to get (at least in the United States).… Continue Reading  

Public Offers Support for Obama’s Iraq Intervention

by Jim Lobe Despite rising criticism of his foreign policy — even from his former secretary of state — President Barack Obama’s decision last week to carry out airstrikes against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq enjoys relatively strong public… Continue Reading  

Poll: More Israelis oppose military attack on Iran, view Obama favorably

The number of Israelis who oppose a military attack against Iran has risen modestly since last year, according to the Anwar Sadat Chair’s annual survey of Israeli public opinion released today at the Brookings Institution. While 51-percent of Israeli respondents said they… Continue Reading  

Bolder Obama on Middle East, Climate in Second Term?

via IPS News With President Barack Obama winning re-election, foreign policy analysts here are pondering whether his victory will translate into major changes from the rather cautious approach he followed overseas in his first term. For now, speculation is focused… Continue Reading