Nikki Haley Is Not Good At Foreign Policy 

By Reza Marashi Nikki Haley is not good at foreign policy. With few discernible achievements to speak of after one year as America’s envoy to the UN, her most noteworthy moments have been two incoherent diatribes on Iran. The first–an airing… Continue Reading  

Report: Long list of costs for Military Action Against Iran

by Jasmin Ramsey Extended military strikes by the United States alone or conducted with Israel could destroy or damage Iran’s most important nuclear sites, but will only temporarily set back Iran’s nuclear program for up to four years, according to… Continue Reading  

Porter: Evidence of Iran nuke weaponization is flawed

Our IPS colleague Gareth Porter has taken a careful look at the central tenet of the accusation that Iran’s nuclear program is aimed at creating weapons: that Iran did “studies” to see how to weaponize nuclear material in the war… Continue Reading