US Isn’t Leaving Syria—But Media Lost It When Possibility Was Raised

by Gregory Shupak At a rally in Cleveland last week, President Donald Trump said that the US will get out of Syria “very soon.” It is now clear that the 4,000 US troops currently occupying Syria (Washington Post, 10/31/17) will in… Continue Reading  

Waging Endless War From Vietnam to Syria

by Greg Grandin In April 2014, ESPN published a photograph of an unlikely duo: Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, and former national security adviser and secretary of state Henry Kissinger at the Yankees-Red Sox season opener. In… Continue Reading  

Hawks on Iran

Lobe Log publishes Hawks on Iran every Friday. Our posts highlight militaristic commentary and confrontational policy recommendations about Iran from a variety of sources including news articles, think tanks and pundits. Jacob Helibrunn, National Interest: The senior editor argues that… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for February 11: The Weekly Standard: Stephen Schwartz writes on “Iran’s Conspiracy Industry” and observes that “conspiracy theories have long flourished in the lands of Islam.” Schwartz offers a rundown of recent anti-Semitic television… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for November 9, 2010. The Washington Post: Senior Council on Foreign Relations fellow and former George W. Bush policy adviser Michael Gerson writes that after the midterm election, Obama may choose to focus… Continue Reading