For Hawks, Every American Captive Returned Home Diplomatically is a Failed Opportunity


by Eli Clifton This month, opponents of the Iran deal have decided to run with the talking point that the delivery of $400 million to Iran in January was a “ransom payment” for the release of three American citizens. The… Continue Reading  

Will Trump Listen to Adelson on VP Pick?


by Eli Clifton One of the hallmarks of Donald Trump’s takeover of the Republican Party has been his refusal to pander to the party’s donor class. He mocked his opponents in the primaries for soliciting funding from wealthy GOP donors.… Continue Reading  

Rubio Returns—Billionaires Rejoice?


by Eli Clifton Florida Sen. Marco Rubio’s announcement on Wednesday that he would seek reelection to the Senate was a reversal of his prior pledge that he would not run. Rubio attributed his decision to the fact that losing his… Continue Reading  

Answering the Appeal of the 51 Diplomats on Syria


by Robert E. Hunter This past week, 51 unnamed members of the US Foreign Service wrote to the State Department‘s policy planning director (who works directly for Secretary John Kerry) through the so-called “dissent channel.” This device was set up… Continue Reading  

Bill Kristol’s Bizarre Third-Party Pick


by Eli Clifton Bill Kristol was taking incoming from Donald Trump on Tuesday morning, which the neoconservative pundit relished. Even Trump seemed nervous about Kristol’s boasting over the weekend that “there will be an independent candidate—an impressive one, with a… Continue Reading