Lights and Shadows of the Lausanne Agreement

by Francois Nicoullaud The results obtained in Lausanne on April 2 in the negotiation between the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the Security Council plus Germany) and Iran represent an outstanding landmark in the long process initiated by the first… Continue Reading  

Obama Prepares for Showdown with Congress Over Iran Deal

by Jasmin Ramsey Two days after the deadline for reaching a deal over Iran’s nuclear programme had passed, negotiators looked like they would be going home empty handed. But a surprisingly detailed framework was announced Apr. 2 in Lausanne, Switzerland,… Continue Reading  

US-Iranian Relations after Lausanne

by Henry Precht For the best view of the prolonged US-Iran negotiations taking place in the Alps of Lausanne, you might step back about 35 years and contemplate the view from the Alborz Mountains in Tehran. It was then—as with greater… Continue Reading  

Netanyahu’s U.S. Popularity Has Declined Sharply: Poll

by Jim Lobe While U.S. public sentiment toward Israel has remained relatively stable, favorability ratings for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have declined sharply over the past six weeks, and particularly since his controversial speech before Congress March 3, according to… Continue Reading