Debating Trump’s Foreign Policy

by Henry Precht Some of you may have heard the other day a Maine Public Radio discussion of Trumpian foreign affairs by a panel that included an ex-diplomat, an academic, and a fusion of the two. I listened and was poised… Continue Reading  

The Syrian War: Two Lessons for Trump

by Henry Precht The roots of US involvement in the Syrian war run deep and wide. On our side we can start with the Korean conflict, which ended in a tie and a lesson taught: never fight a land war in… Continue Reading  

The Virtues of Diplomacy

by Henry Precht Diplomats are normally seen as mild, perhaps timid people associated with tea sipping and good manners. I could (barely) have passed for one when I was working on Iran in the State Department during the 1979-80 Iran hostage… Continue Reading  

How Iran Can Help the US Sort Out Its Problems

by Henry Precht Old Iran hands are familiar with the American record of assisting in the development of that country. Our major aid program ran until the late 1960s while a Peace Corps contingent remained into the mid-1970s. Their objective was teaching… Continue Reading  

Where Hope Becomes Desperation

by Henry Precht Katmandu, Baltimore, the Mediterranean Sea, Yemen, Syria—it has been a grim week of news from around the globe. If we looked a bit further back for the same kind of dark headlines, we could add the migration of… Continue Reading