US-Iranian Relations after Lausanne

by Henry Precht For the best view of the prolonged US-Iran negotiations taking place in the Alps of Lausanne, you might step back about 35 years and contemplate the view from the Alborz Mountains in Tehran. It was then—as with greater… Continue Reading  

Not Exactly a Billet Doux

by Henry Precht Forty-seven Republican senators, unhappy with the prospect that the Obama administration and its five international partners will sign an agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear program to peaceful purposes, wrote a letter of warning addressed to “the leaders of… Continue Reading  

An Anniversary Not to be Celebrated

by Henry Precht Thirty-five years ago this week, my wife and I were driving on a highway in Pennsylvania, coming from Parents’ Weekend at Colgate. I was in charge of Iranian affairs at the State Department and was passing the… Continue Reading