Debating Trump’s Foreign Policy

by Henry Precht Some of you may have heard the other day a Maine Public Radio discussion of Trumpian foreign affairs by a panel that included an ex-diplomat, an academic, and a fusion of the two. I listened and was poised… Continue Reading  

Tillerson’s State Department: Personnel are Policy

by Robert E. Hunter Rex W. Tillerson, the newly minted US secretary of state, made a good first impression when he met this week with a large part of the team that will be working for him. But the truth-telling… Continue Reading  

Obama’s Appointments

by Robert E. Hunter As President Obama assembles his new national security team, all eyes are on the four top jobs. These choices obviously matter, to ensure effective US diplomacy (Secretary of State); relevant but reduced military power (Secretary of… Continue Reading  

Slavin: ‘As Talks Stall with Iran, U.S. Steps Up Propaganda War’

Our IPS colleague Barbara Slavin has a piece up about the Obama administration’s tough tone against Iran in the wake of yet another crackdown on protests organized by the Green Movement. Slavin hits on the tenor of administration officials’ comments, as well… Continue Reading