A Nuclear Deal With Iran Is Still Odds-On

by Peter Jenkins The parties to the current negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program are being discreet about the details, as is sensible. Nonetheless, from the occasional statement or remark to journalists it is possible to form some impression… Continue Reading  

Kerry/Zarif Meet; Rouhani Answers Tough Questions

by Jasmin Ramsey The US and Iran made history today here in New York City. While many prominent American members of the press, academic, business and think tank worlds were listening intently to President Hassan Rouhani give a speech at… Continue Reading  

More on Iran’s Syria Policy

by Jasmin Ramsey Related to my earlier post on surprising statements from what’s believed to be Iranian president Hassan Rouhani’s English Twitter account is Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s condemnation of foreign military intervention Syria, which Omid Memarian suggests I… Continue Reading  

Can the Iranian Nuclear Dispute be Resolved?

by Peter Jenkins Readers who recall that four years ago a new US President seemed eager to defuse the West’s quarrel with Iran over its nuclear activities may wonder why we are all still waiting for white smoke. I am… Continue Reading  

The 2013 DNI on Iran’s Nuclear Program

The Director of National Intelligence submitted the annual report on the “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community” today. The report can be accessed here and following are key passages that are relevant to Iran’s nuclear program, compliments of the… Continue Reading