Iraqi Kurds Seek Greater Balance Between Ankara and Baghdad

by Mohammed A. Salih Erbil—After a period of frostiness, Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and Turkey seem intent on mending the ties, as each of the parties show signs of needing the other. But the Kurds appear more cautious this… Continue Reading  

The US Fight Against Islamic State: Avoiding “Mission Creep”

by Wayne White Hyping the Islamic State (ISIS or IS) threat risks generating flawed policies. The White House probably is a source of frustration, as its critics claim, but others seem too eager to commit US combat troops. Meanwhile, the… Continue Reading  

Growing Up Among the Dead in Syria

by Karlos Zurutuza Serekaniye, Syria — The walls of the Association for the Martyrs of  are covered with the portraits of those fallen in combat in this northern Syrian town. Ali Khalil has buried everyone and each of them with the help… Continue Reading  

Democracy is “Radical” in Northern Syria

AMUDA, Syria, Oct 28 2014 (IPS) – There was never anything particularly remarkable about this northern town of 25,000. However, today it has become the lab for one the most pioneering political experiments ever conducted in the entire Middle East region. Located… Continue Reading  

Turkey’s Kurdish Fears Fuel Inaction Against ISIS

by Dorian Jones For weeks, idle Turkish tanks have been watching from the hills in southeastern Turkey as Islamic State forces pound the Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani, just a few hundred meters across the border. That lassitude has prompted… Continue Reading