Diplomatic Blunders Endanger Victory with Iran in Geneva

by Robert E. Hunter “Victory has a thousand fathers; defeat is an orphan” — John Kennedy’s pithy phrase also has its opposite. We have seen this since last weekend’s failed effort to reach an accord on nuclear matters between Iran… Continue Reading  

Israelis, Saudis Just Getting Started in Opposing U.S.-Iran Detente

by Mitchell Plitnick The trick to finding an agreement between the P5+1 world powers and Iran has become clear: keep Israel and Saudi Arabia out of the room. (But don’t expect them to be happy about it.)

Iranian Elections: Netanyahu, Neoconservatives Are the Big Losers

by Mitchell Plitnick Outside of Iran, there is no doubt that the biggest losers in Iran’s election this past weekend were the Likud government in Israel and its supporters, especially neoconservatives, in the United States. The response of Israel’s Prime… Continue Reading  

Kerry’s Latest Mideast Trip Doomed Before It Starts

by Mitchell Plitnick It may seem like US Secretary of State John Kerry is chasing his own tail with regard to the Israel-Palestine issue. But he is, intentionally or otherwise, raising some important questions. One is what the official Israeli… Continue Reading  

Iran and the Future of Nuclear Non-proliferation

by Peter Jenkins It was just over four years ago, on 5 April 2009, that President Obama delivered remarks on the future of nuclear weapons in the 21st century. His remarks were received with hopeful enthusiasm throughout the world. They… Continue Reading