Whither Nuclear Talks with Iran?

by Peter Jenkins via IPS News On a purely rational view, it is hard not to be optimistic about the upcoming talks with Iran in Geneva (Nov. 7-8), and about what might follow. On the Iranian side, the negotiations are… Continue Reading

U.S. Jews Less Hawkish on Iran

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Despite renewed calls in Congress for increasing pressure on Iran, support for a U.S. attack against the Islamic Republic has declined markedly over the past year, according to the latest in an annual series… Continue Reading

The Two Amigos and the Middle East

by Paul Pillar via The National Interest Lindsey Graham and John McCain, the two-thirds of the Three Amigos who are still in the U.S. Senate since the departure of Joe Lieberman, contributed to the opinion pages of the Washington Post this weekend a… Continue Reading

Sheldon Adelson: Billionaire Comedian of the Year

by David Isenberg Last year I wrote a column for the Huffington Post discussing how some of my fellow members of the Chosen People — specifically, Jewish neoconservatives — were doing their best to bring comic relief to the American… Continue Reading

Israelis, Saudis Just Getting Started in Opposing U.S.-Iran Detente

by Mitchell Plitnick The trick to finding an agreement between the P5+1 world powers and Iran has become clear: keep Israel and Saudi Arabia out of the room. (But don’t expect them to be happy about it.)