Syrian Arms Race: The Clock is Ticking

by Wayne White Until now, most foreign military assets flowing into Syria have come from Russia, Iran, or Iran’s Lebanese ally, Hezbollah. Arab and Western military aid to the rebels has been far less: lower in volume, composed of lighter… Continue Reading

Obama’s War

by Robert E. Hunter With President Obama’s decision to step up arms supplies to the rebels there, Syria’s war has become his war. This was not part of his game-plan. Obama did inherit a mess in the region. This included two… Continue Reading

Despite Arms Announcement, U.S. Syria Strategy Remains Unclear

by Jim Lobe via IPS News Despite Thursday’s announcement that President Barack Obama has decided to provide direct military assistance to Syrian rebels, what precisely the administration has in mind remains unclear. Analysts here are also questioning whether the decision… Continue Reading

US Arms for Syrian Rebels: Bad Choices, Lousy Timing

by Wayne White The Obama Administration finally has decided to provide lethal military support to the Syrian rebels. Yet, if Washington’s main focus is providing arms, a detailed review of just that one option suggests it probably would not be… Continue Reading