Hezbollah Winning in Syria: At What Price?

by Aurélie Daher As the Syrian uprising against the Baathist regime enters its fourth year, it is clear, given the changing balance of power on the ground, that predictions about the imminent collapse of the Assad dynasty, which constituted conventional… Continue Reading

Syrian Arms Race: The Clock is Ticking

by Wayne White Until now, most foreign military assets flowing into Syria have come from Russia, Iran, or Iran’s Lebanese ally, Hezbollah. Arab and Western military aid to the rebels has been far less: lower in volume, composed of lighter… Continue Reading

The Syrian Crisis: Enter Lebanon

by Wayne White Reacting to several recent developments in the Syrian war, Lebanon’s Hezbollah organization has escalated dramatically its direct military role in that fighting. This is Hezbollah’s first major foray on the ground into a conflict inside another country,… Continue Reading