Preparing for a Post-Assad Syria

by Derek Davison Several recent events suggest that the tide in Syria’s four-year-long civil war may be decisively turning away from President Bashar al-Assad and toward a coalition of rebel forces. In late March, rebels succeeded in capturing the important… Continue Reading  

Is Iran the Leader of a Shia International?

by Shireen Hunter The Shias of Yemen, who now control the capital city of Sanaa, are threatening to take political power by force if negotiations for a power-sharing agreement fail. These advances by the Zaidi Shias—variously known as the Houtis… Continue Reading  

Taking A Stand on Syria

by Robert E. Hunter With the collapse of the latest round of negotiations over Syria’s future, the tragedy of its people — of all ethnic and religious backgrounds — continues into its third year. Military forces loyal to President Bashar… Continue Reading  

Obama Should “Resist the Call” to Intervene in Syria

by Robert E. Hunter via IPS News But what I think the American people also expect me to do as president is to think through what we do from the perspective of, what is in our long-term national interests?…Sometimes what… Continue Reading  

Syria Conference Offers Glimmer of Hope, Many Challenges

by Charles Naas At last the Obama Administration has found a reasonable Syria policy. The critics will continue to insist that the US provide arms to the rebels, but it will be difficult to get more traction for this while the… Continue Reading