WikiLeaks: Not All Arab Diplomats Support Military Action Against Iran

While Iran hawks have spent the past several days writing blog posts and newspaper columns arguing that the latest round of WikiLeaks cables shows that the Arab world supports military action against Iran, a more careful look at the documents… Continue Reading

WikiLeaks: Clear Messages from Turkey, Syria and China Opposing Military Action Against Iran

Iran hawks have been having a feeding frenzy with the WikiLeaks revelations that Arab leaders have made statements which could be interpreted as endorsing a military strike on Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons facilities. As discussed by Jim and Ali in… Continue Reading

Hawks Portray Iran as Sole Concern of Arab Leaders

Jim Lobe and I have a piece on the IPS wire that looks closely at reactions to the belligerent talk of some Arab leaders about Iran found in WikiLeaks’ CableGate stash. The notion that Iran occupies the sole spot of concern for… Continue Reading

Why Engagement’s Failed So Far; What’s next?

Columbia professor and Iran expert Gary Sick offers a simple reason why U.S. President Barack Obama’s engagement plan with Iran has thus far failed: “It has yet to be tried.” In our IPS piece, Jim Lobe and I quoted much… Continue Reading

Gulf Between Arab Leaders and their Publics on Iranian Nukes

As a sidebar to a piece Jim Lobe and I have up at IPS, we discussed a poll released in August by Shibley Telhami of the Brookings Institution and the Zogby International polling firm. The media coverage of hostile remarks… Continue Reading