Hidden Nuclear Sites and Never Ending Sanctions

Here’s David Ignatius, in The Washington Post, writing about the revised Israeli intelligence estimates about an Iranian bomb (2015, if you must know), with my emphasis: The delays in the Iranian program are important because they add strategic warning time… Continue Reading

Ross on Iran policy and P5+1 talks

At a release event for the U.S. Institute of Peace’s (USIP) Iran Primer: Power, Politics and U.S. Power — an exhaustive collection of new writings on the country — the opening address came from  Dennis Ross, a top national security adviser to President Barack Obama… Continue Reading

Why Engagement’s Failed So Far; What’s next?

Columbia professor and Iran expert Gary Sick offers a simple reason why U.S. President Barack Obama’s engagement plan with Iran has thus far failed: “It has yet to be tried.” In our IPS piece, Jim Lobe and I quoted much… Continue Reading

Sanctions are Counterproductive, Hurt Ordinary Iranians

At the Middle Eastern affairs journal Muftah, Hani Mansourian takes a well warranted critical look into the human cost of sanctions against Iran. With Iran seemingly recalcitrant on its nuclear program and the United States unwilling to put up “robust… Continue Reading