Did Sanctions Cause Plane Crash in Iran?

The exact cause of a plane crash in Iran that reportedly left more than 70 people dead remains¬†unknown as of Sunday afternoon. There was apparently bad weather in the area, and the snow impeded rescue efforts. But one thing that… Continue Reading  

Sanctions are Counterproductive, Hurt Ordinary Iranians

At the Middle Eastern affairs journal Muftah, Hani Mansourian takes a well warranted critical look into the human cost of sanctions against Iran. With Iran seemingly recalcitrant on its nuclear program and the United States unwilling to put up “robust… Continue Reading  

U.S. Sanctions Go After Ordinary Iranians

The U.S.-led sanctions effort against Iran is indeed ‘biting.’ But rather than only eat away at the plates of those the sanction’s target, the program is also ‘biting’ lots of everyday Iranians. Despite a long-held policy of going after regime… Continue Reading