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News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for December 7, 2010: Commentary: J.E. Dyer, writing on Commentary’s Contentions blog, says that talks with Iran are futile and “the current process of negotiation and inspection is worse than irrelevant. It is counterproductive… Continue Reading

Lynch: the ‘ongoing poverty of Iran hawks’ analysis’

Foreign Policy‘s Marc Lynch has been all over the hawks’ cries for war with Iran, which they’ve based on a couple leaked cables of dictatorial Arabs wanting military action (or talking tough about it, at least). As more and more… Continue Reading

Sadjadpour: Arab leaders don’t want democratic Iran

Matt Duss at Think Progress picks up on Carnegie Endowment expert Karim Sadjadpour‘s Financial Times piece yesterday to point out that military containment won’t work against as a strategy against a country — Iran — that garners regional clout through… Continue Reading

Hawks Portray Iran as Sole Concern of Arab Leaders

Jim Lobe and I have a piece on the IPS wire that looks closely at reactions to the belligerent talk of some Arab leaders about Iran found in WikiLeaks’ CableGate stash. The notion that Iran occupies the sole spot of concern for… Continue Reading

Gulf Between Arab Leaders and their Publics on Iranian Nukes

As a sidebar to a piece Jim Lobe and I have up at IPS, we discussed a poll released in August by Shibley Telhami of the Brookings Institution and the Zogby International polling firm. The media coverage of hostile remarks… Continue Reading