Iranian-American Rapprochement: What’s In It for Israel and Saudi Arabia?


by Mark N. Katz Israel, Saudi Arabia, and some of the other ArabGulf states are deeply skeptical of the Obama Administration’s efforts to reach a deal with Iran limiting its nuclear program and to improve U.S.-Iranian relations generally.  America’s traditional… Continue Reading  

Drones Aplenty


How the White House Flung the Door Wide Open by Tyler Cullis It is a trope among foreign policy elites that the Obama administration lacks a coherent strategy for dealing with conflict and chaos in the Middle East and South… Continue Reading  

Iran Looks Toward the United States


by Charles Naas The negotiations last week in Geneva over Iran’s nuclear program — the second effort since the June election of President Hassan Rouhani — stumbled at the final session and will resume later this month. The first serious… Continue Reading  

Drones and the Need for Political Context


by Daniel Luban Earlier this year, William Saletan published a typically contrarian piece titled “In Defense of Drones”. The subtitle — “they’re the worst form of war, except for all the others” — gives a good indication of the general line… Continue Reading  

Perpetual War


How Does the Global War on Terror Ever End?  by Jeremy Scahill via Tom Dispatch [This epilogue to Scahill’s bestselling book, Dirty Wars: The World Is a Battlefield, is posted with the kind permission of its publisher, Nation Books.] On January 21,… Continue Reading