2013: Obama Rising

President Barack Obama looks out over the Rose Garden as he walks along the Colonnade of the White House, April 2, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

by Robert E. Hunter The consensus in Washington is that President Barak Obama had a bad year in 2013.  Indeed, the Washington Post selected him as the person who had the worst year. The problem with a “consensus,” of course,… Continue Reading  

Moving Beyond the Nuclear Issue

Iran and the P5+1 signed the interim deal on Iran's nuclear program on Nov. 24, 2013.

by MohammadHassan Khani Although the Nov. 24 Geneva deal between Iran and the 6 world powers known as the P5+1 was centred around the nuclear issue, its implications go beyond that. It pushed Tehran and Washington one step closer towards… Continue Reading  

Securing the Persian Gulf: Diplomacy, Not Arms


by Robert E. Hunter Since the conclusion of the Interim Agreement between Iran and 6 world powers in Geneva, Washington has taken pains to reassure friends and allies in the Persian Gulf that it will not be fooled by the… Continue Reading  

Iranians Lukewarm on Rouhani, Oppose Syria Intervention: Poll


by Barbara Slavin A new poll following the election of Hassan Rouhani says that a majority of Iranians oppose Iran’s intervention in Syria and Iraq and believe that Iran is seeking nuclear weapons despite their government’s claims to the contrary. The… Continue Reading  

Life After a Drone Strike


by Charles Davis The only thing the outside world really knows about Waziristan is that it is dangerous. Since 2004, there have been hundreds of US drone strikes there, which government officials assure are killing dangerous people. But no foreign… Continue Reading