The Terrorism Boogeyman

Air Force Cyber Command online for future operations

by James A. Russell The globe-trotting travails of the fugitive Edward Snowden have given us an unexpected opportunity to hear from our senior intelligence officials about the necessity of their far-reaching surveillance program designed to protect us from terrorism. But as… Continue Reading  

U.S.-Taliban Talks Set to Begin


by Jim Lobe via IPS News Nearly 12 years after the United States ousted the Taliban from power, the White House announced Tuesday that the United States will begin formal talks with the militant Islamist group in Qatar later this… Continue Reading  

Obama’s War


by Robert E. Hunter With President Obama’s decision to step up arms supplies to the rebels there, Syria’s war has become his war. This was not part of his game-plan. Obama did inherit a mess in the region. This included two… Continue Reading  

Guilty Until Proven Innocent


How to Pre-Convict and Pre-Punish an American Muslim  by Victoria Brittain via Tom Dispatch A four-month hunger strike, mass force-feedings, and widespread media coverage have at last brought Guantanamo, the notorious offshore prison set up by the Bush administration early in… Continue Reading  

Susan Rice at the NSC


by Robert E. Hunter Turnover in top US foreign policy and national security jobs can often be a “good thing” — for the nation and the world. New brooms at least start out with a different look at the world,… Continue Reading