Iran’s Economy Faces Grim 2013

By Kevan Harris via USIP What is the state of Iran’s economy in 2013 compared to a year ago?  Iran’s economy enters 2013 significantly worse than a year ago, particularly with higher inflation and unemployment than at the beginning of… Continue Reading  

The Drama of Iran’s Erratic Rial

By Kevan Harris via the United States Institute of Peace What are the primary reasons that the Iranian rial has lost half of its value against the U.S. dollar in just one year? Iran’s currency was valued at about 10,000 rials… Continue Reading  

Was Iran Engagement Serious? (Con’t)

The Iran-grand-bargainers, the Leveretts, have an interesting piece up challenging the notion that the Barack Obama administration was ever serious about engaging Iran. (Because I’m behind on my reading, I only picked up on it via the Progressive Realist.) These are the… Continue Reading  

Ross on Iran policy and P5+1 talks

At a release event for the U.S. Institute of Peace’s (USIP) Iran Primer: Power, Politics and U.S. Power — an exhaustive collection of new writings on the country — the opening address came from  Dennis Ross, a top national security adviser to President Barack Obama… Continue Reading