Revolutionary Egypt Will not Accept Military Junta

By Emad Mekay FROM CAIRO- An activist on the ground was on TV a few minutes ago. She was told by army officers on her way out from Tahrir Square for the TV interview that “there will be good news for… Continue Reading  

Egypt Revolution is Winning and People Are Happy

By Emad Mekay The army has sensed that the anti-Mubarak labor action over the past three days could push the country further towards disintegration as a state. Half the country was being brought to a halt. Municipalities weren’t functioning in many… Continue Reading  

U.S.-backed Mubarak Cracks Down on Protesters

By Emad Mekay This is from Cairo, right in the middle of this turmoil. Mubarak is clearly backed by the Americans. He took some moves after speaking with Obama and a visit by a former U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Frank… Continue Reading  

Cairo Dispatch: Diverse Crowds Demand Changes

The following is a set of edited notes from a conversation between myself and IPS’s correspondent in Egypt, Emad Mekay, who was filing dispatches for LobeLog until the Internet went down. He was on the streets of downtown Cairo today… Continue Reading  

Majd: Peaceful Resolution of Nuclear Issue Helps Greens

Author Hooman Majd did a web chat with scholar Reza Aslan on the latter’s website. They’re discussing Majd’s lastest book, The Ayatollah’s Democracy: An Iranian Challenge. I’m reading it right now. You should be, too. Incredibly well connected in Iran,… Continue Reading