Revolutionary Egypt Will not Accept Military Junta

By Emad Mekay

FROM CAIRO- An activist on the ground was on TV a few minutes ago. She was told by army officers on her way out from Tahrir Square for the TV interview that “there will be good news for you tonight. After that you should go home”.

The military junta will say we will oversee the transition without Mubarak and we’ve answered your demands. Well, that’s good news. But the protestors are not going home after that for sure.

They know very well what a military junta taking over means. Mubarak’s departure was just one demand. The list still goes on. Those people are really willing to die in Tahrir Square from what I hear and see. More and more people are joining them. Over the past few days it was labor unions.  As I write this a military major spoke live on Aljazeera and said he was taking off his military uniform and joining the pro-democracy movement. The army major said he handed over his weapons to his colleagues and joined the protestors.

He passionately beseeched Field Marshal Mohammed Tantawy, the defense minister, to step down as well after being in office for 20 years. Major Ahmed Ali Shuman is the first military major to join the protestors publically and live on TV. 

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  1. The major will be lucky if he escapes being shot. The protestors/revolutionaries should be wary; they are tempting the fates.

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