Ceding Diplomatic Leadership to Russia

by Paul R. Pillar Late this month Russia will host and broker a new round of Syrian peace talks in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi. The Sochi talks will be an extension of talks that had earlier taken… Continue Reading  

Syrian Election Under UN Supervision: How Serious A Prospect?

by Larry Garber With more than 12 million refugees and internally displaced persons, any effort to organize credible Syrian elections that would contribute to resolving the on-going conflict seems an exercise in fantasy. Yet this week, in a presentation to… Continue Reading  

Kurds, Turkey, and Syria

by Robert Olson In this piece I want to address further the topic of the situation of the Kurds as embedded in the evolving geopolitics of the Middle East, especially Turkey.

Syria Negotiations: How Appeasing Assad Will Not Yield Peace

by Emile Nakhleh The much-hyped Syria negotiations in Geneva under the direction of UN envoy Staffan de Mistura are unlikely to ease the suffering of the Syrian people or halt the horrendous violence perpetrated by the Assad regime, the Islamic State… Continue Reading  

Syria’s Two-Body Problem

by John Feffer In medieval Europe, the king had two bodies. He sat on his throne in his own personal body, which suffered from the same sicknesses and infirmities that afflict all corporeal beings. But he also possessed a second… Continue Reading