The Killing of Ali Abdullah Saleh – Is Peace in Yemen Possible?

by James M. Dorsey Based on remarks at a 19 December 2017 NUS Middle East Institute seminar The Middle East being the Middle East, everything is interrelated. What happens in the region impacts Yemen and what happens in Yemen impacts… Continue Reading

Rouhani On…

by Jasmin Ramsey On June 17 Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rouhani gave a general press conference that was televised on IRINN (the Islamic Republic of Iran News Network). Following are some excerpts from the transcript separated by the subject lines that… Continue Reading

Iran’s Post-Election Nuclear Prospects

by Peter Jenkins So many thoughtful analyses of the significance of Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s election are already in circulation that part of me thinks I ought to spare LobeLog readers one more. As a compromise, I will limit my focus… Continue Reading