A Saudi-Iranian Rapprochement?

by Jim Lobe Paul Pillar has a blog up at the National Interest on the possibility that Saudi Arabia and Iran are moving toward some form of rapprochement. The latest development, as Paul points out, is the long-awaited invitation this week by… Continue Reading

Israel’s Strategic View of Iran: Time for a Change?

by Peter Jenkins What a pity that Mr. Netanyahu’s interviewer on CBS’s “Face the Nation”, Bob Schieffer, chose to throw Israel’s Prime Minister a succession of softballs (the cricketing equivalents are called “dollies”). It would have been refreshing if Mr.… Continue Reading

Iran’s Post-Election Nuclear Prospects

by Peter Jenkins So many thoughtful analyses of the significance of Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s election are already in circulation that part of me thinks I ought to spare LobeLog readers one more. As a compromise, I will limit my focus… Continue Reading