Iran Daily Talking Points

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Iran should be key topic at hearings: The former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter urges the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to include a discussion about the implications of a “self-generated” war with Iran during its upcoming hearing. Key paragraph: It follows that a… Continue Reading  

Iran and the United States: Ready, set, go?

Former Iran-desk State Department staffer Reza Marashi and journalist Sahar Namazikhah remind us that Iran’s influnetial Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) has publicly recognized the benefits of negotiating with the US to avert a military conflict through a report that’s available on their… Continue Reading  

On what a Second-Term President Obama should do with Iran

George Washington Political Science Professor Mark Lynch in Foreign Policy: With military action in the background but not imminent, and sanctions taking a real political and economic toll inside of Iran, now seems to be the right time to begin a serious… Continue Reading  

Is sanctions relief really on the table?

The Guardian is reporting that a “reformulated” proposal including “limited sanctions relief” will be launched by the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany (p5+1) after the US presidential election. Earlier this week Al-Monitor reported along the same lines and Secretary… Continue Reading  

“Shared Myth: The status quo U.S.-Iran cold war is sustainable”

Former Iran-desk State Department staffer Reza Marashi and Iran scholar Reza Sanati write that after more than 3 decades of “institutionalized enmity”, damaging myths perpetuated by both sides have “facilitated and exacerbated U.S.-Iran hostility.” The authors list five such false narratives;… Continue Reading