Obama Cancels Joint Exercises with Egypt

by Jared Metzker and Jim Lobe via IPS News One day after the killing by the Egyptian army and security forces of hundreds of civilian protestors, U.S. President Barack Obama Wednesday announced the cancellation of joint U.S.-Egyptian military exercises scheduled… Continue Reading

Elliott Abrams Seems Poor Choice to Pronounce on Benghazi

by Jim Lobe As Republican lawmakers and Fox News have been claiming that the Benghazi “cover-up” scandal will prove even bigger than the Iran-Contra and Watergate scandals combined, Elliott Abrams — who, faced with a slew of felony charges by the Iran-Contra… Continue Reading

Anthony Cordesman on Iran’s military forces

Anthony Cordesman, a highly respected military and security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), released his 4th working draft with Alexander Wilner on Iran’s military forces on June 25. The paper is part of a volume… Continue Reading

Nat’l Journal: ‘Will Sabre Rattling And Sanctions Work Against Iran?’

National Journal‘s Senior Editor Richard H.P. Sia recently asked “Will Sabre Rattling and Sanctions Work Against Iran?” on the publication’s National Security Expert Blog: His take was that results were mixed, but it’s the responses to his query — addressing… Continue Reading