A New Security Order Needed in the Persian Gulf

by Javad Heiran-Nia Late last year in Manama, Bahrain, British Prime Minister Theresa May assured Persian Gulf oil monarchies that the United Kingdom’s anti-Iran posture would remain unchanged under her leadership. Iranian “influence fuels instability in the region,” she told… Continue Reading

What Does Bannon Want?

by Jim Lobe Like Daniel Luban, I don’t believe Steve Bannon, who seems to have been in charge on foreign-policy issues since the inaugural and has now inserted himself onto the National Security Council, really cares very much about destroying… Continue Reading

The Executive Order Puts Us in Limbo

by Mina Al-Oraibi Sadness. Frustration. Encouragement. Bewilderment. Anger. Motivation. Name the emotion, I have gone through it since last Friday when President Donald Trump stuck to his campaign pledge and imposed a blanket travel ban on millions, while suspending refugee… Continue Reading

A Sanction For (Almost) Every Reason

by Erich Ferrari via Sanctions Law I suppose the President has gotten tired of Congress getting all of the attention when it comes to imposing new sanctions on Iran. Earlier this week, he issued a new executive order implementing certain sanctions that… Continue Reading

More Sanctions, More Problems

Sanctions Are Holding Back Our Talks with Iran by Usha Sahay and Laicie Heeley There is a consensus in Washington that more sanctions will help convince Iran to halt its nuclear development. On June 3, President Obama issued an executive order… Continue Reading