America Alone

by John Feffer Donald Trump is holding up the severed head of the Statue of Liberty. It’s a striking image for a magazine cover. But it’s not the front of the Nation or the ACLU newsletter. It’s this week’s issue… Continue Reading

Mutual Interests Could Aid U.S.-Iran Détente

by Jasmin Ramsey via IPS News In the wake of a renewed diplomatic push on the Iranian nuclear front, shared interests in Iran’s backyard could pave the way for Washington and Tehran to work toward overcoming decades of hostility. “I… Continue Reading

“The fall of Assad will be a blow to Iran”

by Jasmin Ramsey We’ve been hearing that line, or variations of it, since people in the US began taking the uprising in Syria seriously. But what exactly does that statement mean? It sounds simple enough: the leadership in Syria and… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for January 19: The Wall Street Journal: Johns Hopkins Professor and Hoover Institution fellow Fouad Ajami opines, “The Bush diplomacy had declared an open ideological assault against the Iranian theocracy. Mr. Obama would offer… Continue Reading

Why Did Israel Dial it Down on Iran?

I have a new piece up at Tehran Bureau, the PBS/Frontline project on Iran. The article is a look into the possible reasons that Israel has pushed back the nuclear timeline for Iran. I quote Tony Karon at length (which appears… Continue Reading