The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group

by Eli Clifton Yesterday, a new organization’s “promoted” (read: sponsored) tweet popped up on my timeline. It came from The Philos Project, a group dedicated to promoting “Christian engagement in the Middle East.” The tweet read: “Iran is known to… Continue Reading

Kristol, Nationalism, Nostalgia and World War I

by Jim Lobe Just as this week marks the 50th anniversary of the Gulf of Tonkin incident, as noted Wednesday by Amb. Hunter, it also marks the centenary of the outbreak of World War I, the “Great War” that, among other things,… Continue Reading

Oslo At 20: A Failed Process

by Mitchell Plitnick After twenty years of futility, more and more people are coming around to the idea that the Oslo process has failed and that the basis of Israeli-Palestinian conflict resolution needs to be re-thought. Funny, there are those… Continue Reading

The Daily Talking Points

News and views relevant to U.S.-Iran relations for November 12, 2010. Commentary: Commentary Magazine executive editor Jonathan S. Tobin, hits back against a column by Alon Pinkas, Israel’s former consul general in New York. Pinkas wrote on Politico that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin… Continue Reading

Hawks Exaggerate Ahmadinejad’s “Triumphant Tour” of Lebanon?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s trip to Lebanon this week has produced much teeth gnashing by Iran-hawks who note that Hezbollah’s ties to Iran and see Ahmadinejad’s upcoming outing to the Lebanon-Israel border as a grave provocation. Reza Kahlili, a former… Continue Reading