Text of April 2 Agreement with Iran

The following document, released on April 2 by the State Department press office, itemizes the points of agreement between Iran, the P5+1 (the UN Security Council members plus Germany), and the European Union. Its official title is: Parameters for a… Continue Reading  

Iran: Deal or No Deal?

by John Feffer The full-page ad in this week’s Washington Post portraying President Obama as history’s favorite whipping boy, Neville Chamberlain, was wrong in nearly every one of its many strident particulars. It was wrong in suggesting that a nuclear agreement… Continue Reading  

Should We Beware Iran’s “Charmer in Chief”?

by Peter Jenkins Bloomberg View columnist Eli Lake starts an attack on the trustworthiness of Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohamed Javad Zarif, with the words: “Now is the time to praise Javad Zarif.” Well, now is also the time to praise… Continue Reading  

What Will Iran Do When the Sun Sets on a Nuclear Agreement?

by Peter Jenkins Opponents of a nuclear deal with Iran have been stressing a new fear: the deal’s “sunset” provisions will result in Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon capability. This will pose an existential threat to Israel. This concern rests… Continue Reading  

Reading the Runes in the Latest Report on Iran’s Nuclear Program

by Peter Jenkins The latest report from the International Atomic Energy Agency on Iran’s nuclear program contains much that is worth emphasizing. Iran is continuing to account for all its declared nuclear material (and the agency appears to have no… Continue Reading