Conference of Presidents Illustrates Gulf in Jewish Opinion on Iran

by Jim Lobe There’s no better illustration of the yawning gap between the leadership of major national Jewish organizations and the larger community that it purports to represent than the coincidence of the release of the latest survey of Jewish opinion by the American… Continue Reading

The Jewish Community and the Iran Deal

by Jim Lobe The articles I cited in yesterday’s post about Sheldon Adelson and the GOP cover the issue of the Jewish community and the Iran deal better than I can. But a couple of points are worth emphasizing.

Support for Iran Deal Stronger among US Jews than General Public

by Jim Lobe With results likely to upset hawkish leaders of the organized Jewish community, a new nationwide poll of 1,000 self-identified U.S. Jews has found stronger backing for President Obama’s efforts to forge a nuclear deal with Iran than… Continue Reading

A Flailing AIPAC

by Jim Lobe In a remarkable demonstration of the the increasingly vulnerable state into which AIPAC appears to have thrown itself, the Israel lobby’s premier group released a new statement this afternoon clarifying that it still supports the Kirk-Menendez “Wag… Continue Reading

White House Ups Ante on Sanctions Bill As More Republicans Sign On

by Jim Lobe As an update to the post I wrote Thursday, it appears the White House is toughening its rhetoric against the Kirk-Menendez Wag the Dog Act, as more Republicans have signed on as co-sponsors. There are now a… Continue Reading