The Qatar Crisis: Asserting US Interests

by Robert E. Hunter After six months, the Trump administration is facing its first major diplomatic challenge: the blockade of the Persian Gulf state of Qatar by four other regional countries, led by Saudi Arabia. This has led the so-far… Continue Reading  

Bahrain’s Assault on Free Press

by Emile Nakhleh The Bahraini government’s decision on June 4 to shutter al-Wasat indefinitely yet again underscores the regime’s on-going assault on the freedom of expression and independent media. The information ministry claimed in its statement that it shut down… Continue Reading  

Qatar Crisis Could Lead to War: Veteran US Diplomat

by Jim Lobe Given the fast-moving events in the Persian Gulf region over the past two weeks, LobeLog decided to consult Chas W. Freeman, Jr., whose occasional lectures on key foreign policy issues have been featured on this site for… Continue Reading  

Saudi Arabia to Qatar: Do As We Say, Not As We Do

by Derek Davison More than two weeks after they began boycotting Qatar, four Arab nations—Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates—have presented the Qataris with a list of demands that they say Doha must meet in order to… Continue Reading  

Does Qatar Really Threaten the Gulf?

by Graham E. Fuller The tiny Gulf state of Qatar is today under harsh siege from nearly everybody in the Middle East, and portrayed as a “supporter of terrorism.” The US has bought into the mantra. What’s really going on… Continue Reading