The Election and the Anti-War Left

In the wake of President Obama’s decisive election victory, we’ve seen a fair amount of commentary about how it demonstrates the powerlessness, or spinelessness, of the anti-war left. Some of this commentary (like this piece by Jason Brennan) comes from… Continue Reading  

J Street Unveils Very Interesting Poll of Jewish Voters

J Street has just published the results of a very interesting — and very encouraging — survey of Jewish voters, nationally and both in Ohio and Florida. I’ll probably write about this later today for IPS, but you should look… Continue Reading  

From a Transformational Candidate to a One-Term President

By Reza Sanati While it is thoroughly in the realm of the possible that in facing a mundane Republican establishment Barak Obama would retain the US presidency, equally probable is a scenario that his administration would face a sluggish, uneventful… Continue Reading