Bahraini Crown Prince Dialogue Generates Optimism


by Emile Nakhleh Bahraini, Arab, and international media have assessed the dialogue meetings Crown Prince Salman held with opposition representatives Jan. 15 positively and expressed cautious optimism about his ability to bring about genuine civic peace in that embattled country.… Continue Reading  

Arms and Athletes in Bahrain: Al Khalifa’s Deadly Game


by Emile Nakhleh A few days ago, Bahraini officials announced they “foiled an attempt to smuggle explosives and arms, some made in Iran and Syria, into the country by boat.”  Around the same time, the government also contended it had… Continue Reading  

Terrorist Designation of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Highly Risky


by Emile Nakhleh For the first time in its 85-year history, the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Wednesday was declared a terrorist organization. The provisional government’s decision yesterday, presumably with the military junta’s approval, came after two deadly bombings in Mansura and… Continue Reading  

Bahraini PM Dodges Corruption Bullet, for Now


by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News The recent collapse of the British Serious Fraud Office court case against Victor Dahdaleh has left the Bahraini prime minister’s reputation for corruption intact. The case has been widely covered in British media reports,… Continue Reading  

Saudi Anger Masks Concern About Loss of Influence


by Emile Nakhleh via IPS News Saudi Arabia’s public anger against the United States masks the kingdom’s growing concern about its diminishing influence in the Persian Gulf and the wider Arab world. It has nothing to do with U.S. policy… Continue Reading