Flawed News Reporting on Iran

On Monday the Wall Street Journal published a breathless article about Iran sending troops to bolster Syria. Quite a bit of the piece is a re-write of a previous story based on anonymous sources and speculation about Iranian hostages in… Continue Reading  

Israeli Impunity, US Indulgence, and Rachel Corrie

The expected verdict in the death of Rachel Corrie, killed under the wheels of an Israeli-modified Caterpillar bulldozer in 2003, came down yesterday and the court found no fault with the Israel Defense Forces. That was no surprise. But the… Continue Reading  

Syria’s Nightmare Today is the World’s Nightmare Tomorrow

It is clear that Syria is getting worse. It is clear that the United States, Russia, China, the Gulf Cooperation Council, Egypt, Israel and just about everyone else can do nothing to retrieve Syria from its inevitable collapse into yet… Continue Reading  

How the US might Begin to Rethink Egypt

The economy is clearly the most important problem facing Egypt today. Unemployment and underemployment are vast. Tourism has been shattered by recent events and may take a long time to get back on track. Foreign investments have dropped and have… Continue Reading  

Can Iran’s NAM Presidency help Resolve the Nuclear Dispute?

On 20 August Al-Monitor published a perceptive article about the upcoming Iranian three-year presidency of the Nonaligned Movement (NAM). The authors were Abbas Maleki, who was a deputy foreign minister of Iran for many years, and Kaveh Afrasiabi. One of… Continue Reading