When the New York Times Becomes a Shill for Iran’s Hardline Press

by Farideh Farhi The headline in The New York Times Story on Iran on August 31 was succinct. It stated: “Iranian State Media Reports Arrest of Reformist Politician.” Although the headline later changed to “Reformist Politician Is Said to be Held,”… Continue Reading

Flawed News Reporting on Iran

On Monday the Wall Street Journal published a breathless article about Iran sending troops to bolster Syria. Quite a bit of the piece is a re-write of a previous story based on anonymous sources and speculation about Iranian hostages in… Continue Reading

P5+1: Ready To Engage Iran, Not Pursue Brazil-Turkey Fuel Swap Deal

In a statement issued Wednesday after a meeting with foreign ministers from the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the UK and the U.S.), the European Union’s top diplomat, Catherine Ashton, announced that the world’s major powers “seek an early negotiated… Continue Reading