Iranian Civil Society ‘Raising Their Voices’ Against A Military Strike On Iran

Posted with permission of Think Progress Because neoconservatives who advocate for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities also operate under the pretense of supporting democracy and human rights in Iran, they’re often forced to do logical jujitsu to defend… Continue Reading

US Working Overtime To Mend Israel-Turkey Relations

The Obama Administration is scrambling to keep itself out of a difficult position between two of its most important Middle East allies, Turkey and Israel. The two countries have seen their relations deteriorate for years now, highlighted by Turkish Prime… Continue Reading

From Oklahoma City to Oslo, Neo-Cons Blow it Again

Editorial in today’s print edition (subsequently amended but still heavy with insinuations) of the Wall Street Journal: In terms of leaping to Islamophobic conclusions, this must rank right up there with the smug certainty with which The Investigative Project’s Steven… Continue Reading