UN vote exposes the true face of Israel’s settlement policy

by Natasha Roth In the summer of 1967, before anyone was aware of just how durable Israel’s occupation of Palestinian and Syrian territory would prove, a movement emerged calling for the newly conquered land to become part of “Greater Israel.” Formed… Continue Reading  

Trump Goes All In With the Settlers

by Paul R. Pillar Presidents-elect of the United States generally have hewn to the dictum that the country has only one president at a time, and that this is especially important with foreign policy.  The incoming president plans, appoints, announces,… Continue Reading  

Needed: A Balanced Approach to Saudi-Iran Escalation

by Ellie Geranmayeh Relations between Riyadh and Tehran have gone from terrible to non-existent. It is clear to the West that both sides have provoked further escalation in an already fragile region. It will be critical to avoid aligning too… Continue Reading  

The Next Middle East Nuclear Challenge: Israel

by Peter Jenkins The nuclear agreement with Iran opens the way to forging a nuclear-weapon-free zone (NWFZ) in the Middle East. Until now a Middle East NWFZ has had the hallmarks of a hopeless cause. It’s been all too easy… Continue Reading  

Will U.S. Mideast Policy Take A New Turn?

by Mitchell Plitnick The ongoing spat between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and United States President Barack Obama has drowned out an important issue. The entire question of the Israel-Palestine conflict seems to be out of sight and out of mind in… Continue Reading