Briefing: Iran’s Missile Tests

by The Iran Project Responding to Iran’s Missile Tests Iran’s continued missile testing is and must be a U.S. concern. The challenge is how most forcefully to constrain Iran’s missile testing while maintaining the U.S. and Iranian commitment to the… Continue Reading

Samore Strays Off UANI’s Reservation Again

by Jim Lobe Donors and some directors of United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI) may once again have reason to be displeased with the president of their anti-Iran group, the Obama administration first-term non-proliferation czar, Gary Samore.

Samore Goes To Bat For The Framework Agreement

by Eli Clifton Say what you will about pressure group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI), from their connections to Iran-conflict profiteering to allegations of ties to intelligence agencies, they leave a path of unanswered questions about their motivations, funding, and… Continue Reading