More on AIPAC’s Travails

by Jim Lobe Last weekend, I noted the increasingly vulnerable position in which AIPAC finds itself in after its defeat on the Kirk-Menendez bill (S. 1881), and less than three weeks before its annual conference, which this year is expected to attract… Continue Reading  

Syria Debate Throws Pro-Israel Groups For A Loss

by Mitchell Plitnick Syria’s declaration that it would accept a Russian proposal to hand over its chemical weapons to an international body was the latest in a string of surprises around international concern over the ongoing, horrific civil war in… Continue Reading  

AIPAC Directs Congressional Punishment of Palestinians After UN Vote

The US government has swept into action in the aftermath of the Palestinians’ overwhelming victory at the United Nations on Thursday. No less than three amendments were brought in the Senate, to be attached to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)… Continue Reading  

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin Problem

To follow up on Ali’s thorough post detailing Jennifer Rubin’s continuing problems with the truth, it’s worth taking a step back from the concrete details of the story for a moment. Rubin’s latest fibs — in which she mistakenly blamed… Continue Reading  

The Daily Talking Points

News and views on U.S.-Iran relations for January 20: Commentary: The Foundation for Defense of Democracies‘ Benjamin Weinthal blogs on Commentary’s Contentions blog that Switzerland has finally “relented and announced that it will fall into line with EU sanctions targeting… Continue Reading