Selling Saudis the Nuclear Rope to Hang US


by Joe Cirincione Selling nuclear reactors to Saudi Arabia and allowing them to build massive uranium-enrichment facilities and plants to extract plutonium is a stupendously dumb idea. So, it is perhaps fitting that the Trump administration is sending Rick Perry… Continue Reading  

U.S. To Boost Saudi Nuclear Power Development

perry saudi

by Thomas W. Lippman  Almost a decade has passed since President George W.  Bush promised that the United States would help Saudi Arabia develop commercial nuclear energy plants. When he visited Riyadh in May 2008, he pledged to sign a… Continue Reading  

Adelson Holds Court as Kristol Blasts Corker, AIPAC


by Jim Lobe Casino multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson will once again host the annual convention and ring-kissing ceremony of the Republican Jewish Coalition. It will begin Thursday night in Las Vegas with a private dinner for the RJC’s board and top donors,… Continue Reading  

Tom ‘Bomb Mecca’ Tancredo Attacks Rick Perry For His Tolerance Of Islam

Reposted by arrangement with Think Progress ormer Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) blasted Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) for failing to take a hard-line against Muslims or embrace the Islamophobia currently sweeping across the GOP. Tancredo, who has suggested that bombing… Continue Reading  

Clinton Links Perry’s Views On Israel To ‘Some Of The More Militant Settler Groups’

Posted by arrangement with Think Progress Speaking on MSNBC this morning, former President Bill Clinton said GOP presidential candidate Gov. Rick Perry (TX) may well believe that Israel in entitled to keep the occupied Palestinian West Bank because of a… Continue Reading