The Ideological West Bank Settler Behind “Iranium”

This article originally appeared on AlterNet. The drama never stops unfolding around the Clarion Fund, the operation behind a string of movies dubbed “anti-Muslim” by critics. The group’s latest salvo is an hour-long documentary called “Iranium”, which more or less gives airtime to… Continue Reading

Clarion Fund: WikiLeaks Shows Iran is “threat to stability of the entire Middle East”

The Clarion Fund–a group whose ties to prominent neoconservatives and Aish HaTorah we have written about recently–just sent out an email promoting their latest film, Iranium, and suggests that the WikiLeaks cables prove Iran is a destabilizing influence on the… Continue Reading

*UPDATED* Defender of Clarion Fund Linked Back to Aish HaTorah

In a response to my post on the Clarion Fund’s advisory board, a user named “Nate Mellin” wrote a comment which challenged my reporting on the Clarion Fund’s documentaries and my participation in JewsOnFirst’s Rebutting Obsession project. The charges against… Continue Reading