Israeli Views of Chuck Hagel: Why the Right is Wrong

Since his nomination as Secretary of Defense and even in anticipation of it, the right-wing media has been accusing Chuck Hagel of being anti-Israel with the help of GOP grandstanding from senators such as Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. “Hagel,… Continue Reading

Did Danny Ayalon Listen to Petraeus or Read WikiLeaks?

As mentioned in today’s Talking Points, Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has an op-ed in the Washington Times in which he pronounces the “death of ‘linkage’.” Ayalon claims that both the recent instability in the Middle East and WikiLeaks… Continue Reading

*UPDATED* Defender of Clarion Fund Linked Back to Aish HaTorah

In a response to my post on the Clarion Fund’s advisory board, a user named “Nate Mellin” wrote a comment which challenged my reporting on the Clarion Fund’s documentaries and my participation in JewsOnFirst’s Rebutting Obsession project. The charges against… Continue Reading