Who Will Fight the Islamic State?

by Peter Van Buren In the many strategies proposed to defeat the Islamic State (IS) by presidential candidates, policymakers, and media pundits alike across the American political spectrum, one common element stands out: someone else should really do it. The… Continue Reading  

Dead Is Dead

Drone-Killing the Fifth Amendment by Peter Van Buren You can’t get more serious about protecting the people from their government than the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution, specifically in its most critical clause: “No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or… Continue Reading  

Leaking War

How Obama’s Targeted Killings, Leaks, and the Everything-Is-Classified State Have Fused By Peter Van Buren via Tom Dispatch White is black and down is up. Leaks that favor the president are shoveled out regardless of national security, while national security is… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: Peter Van Buren, How the American Taxpayer Got Plucked in Iraq

Reposted by arrangement with Tom Dispatch [Note for TomDispatch Readers: Today’s twisted treat for you is a slightly adapted chapter from Peter Van Buren’s new book, We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds… Continue Reading  

Freedom Isn’t Free at the State Department

The Only Employee at State Who May Be Fired Because of WikiLeaks By Peter Van Buren Reposted by arrangement with Tom Dispatch On the same day that more than 250,000 unredacted State Department cables hemorrhaged out onto the Internet, I… Continue Reading