Woolsey: Engaging Iran “Worse than Worthless”

Former assistant¬†policy¬†director of the National Iranian American Council Patrick Disney left his Washington digs to go to grad school at Yale. From New Haven, he’s been continuing his good work on Iran by maintaining a blog called Talking Warheads. In… Continue Reading

Skepticism about MEK’s alleged Iranian nuke revelation

The Iran Policy Committee, a neoconservative-led group associated with the Mujahedeen-e Khalq (MEK), held a press conference today in Washington to reveal what it said was a previously undisclosed Iranian nuclear site near the Iranian city of Qazvin. The MEK,… Continue Reading

More on Potential Iranian Reax To Military Strike

Via Mondoweiss, Juan Cole’s excellent Informed Comment site is currently carrying an analysis by Middle East and terror expert Mahan Abedin that explores Iran’s likely options and fallout should the United States use bombers to attack the Islamic Republic’s nuclear… Continue Reading