What if, even without US sanctions, Iran is geo-politically in decline?

That’s the question posed by Juan Cole, a Middle East expert and professor at the University Michigan, on his well-read blog yesterday. Just consider current regional dynamics: If al-Assad falls in Syria and is replaced by a Sunni government of revolutionaries,… Continue Reading  

Tomgram: Juan Cole, The Asian Century?

Meeting American Decline Face to Face By Juan Cole Reprinted with permission of TomDispatch.com Blocked from major new domestic initiatives by a Republican victory in the midterm elections, President Barack Obama promptly lit out for Asia, a far more promising arena. … Continue Reading  

More on Potential Iranian Reax To Military Strike

Via Mondoweiss, Juan Cole’s excellent Informed Comment site is currently carrying an analysis by Middle East and terror expert Mahan Abedin that explores Iran’s likely options and fallout should the United States use bombers to attack the Islamic Republic’s nuclear… Continue Reading