MH17: Still Waiting for Evidence

by Derek Davison When flight MH17 was hit with a missile over eastern Ukraine on July 17, US officials immediately blamed pro-Russian separatists for bringing the plane down. Secretary of State John Kerry said the evidence “obviously points a very… Continue Reading

Far-Right Fighters from Europe Fight for Ukraine

by Fausto Biloslavo Almost 80 years ago, ideological true believers from all over the world flocked to Spain to fight in a civil war, serving in the famed International Brigades on the Republican side. These days, echoes of Spain can… Continue Reading

The West vs. Russia: Options and Realities

by Robert E. Hunter Less than a month from now, September 4-5, the 28 NATO allies will hold a summit in Wales. It was originally figured to be a “ho-hum” meeting, focusing on the end of the Alliance’s decade-long military… Continue Reading

Will Sanctions on Russia Force Putin to Change Course?

by Mark N. Katz Just a few months ago, everything seemed to be going well for Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ukraine. After the initial setback of Moscow’s ally, President Viktor Yanukovich, fleeing Kiev and being replaced by a pro-Western government,… Continue Reading